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OOSH Service

We provide Out of School Hours Care to schools across NSW!
Providing the right care in a trusting environment is just as important as providing engaging and fun programs to children who make OOSH their second home.
Our OOSH staff are qualified NESA accredited teachers that understand the needs of children and how to engage and support them in uplifting, stimulating and educational activities.

Fit Futures OOSH Centres: More Than Just Sport

At our OOSH Centres, we offer children the choice to participate in our premium quality sporting programs and activities. Playing sport after school is a great way for children to have fun with friends, gain the benefits of teamwork, and let off steam in a healthy way.

Our Activities

Our Centres also offer various skills building activities, such as cooking club and science club. Encouraging children to learn life skills and to think critically and creatively is an extremely important part of our programming.

We also understand that winding down and relaxing after a long day at school is necessary. That is why we offer children’s yoga and meditation programs to promote healthy mental wellbeing.

Additionally, children are encouraged to explore their relationship with the world and give back to the community through world culture days, charity initiatives and environmental protection programs.

We also run an ‘Aspiring Leader’ program tailored towards assisting year 5 and 6 students to run for school captains, and to participate in SRC elections. This program fosters a school community that is supportive of student achievements and allows students to take ownership of the needs and well-being of others.

What we do

Child Focused Programming: The Five Outcomes of the ‘My Time, Our Place’ Framework

Children have a strong sense of identity

Respecting their peers, trusting each other and being confident in themselves is encouraged by staff through constant engagement and interaction between Educators and children. Staff will support children’s interests, and foster autonomy when choosing activities in play.

Children are connected to, and contribute to their world

The children’s connection to the world will be fostered through activities that promote care towards the community, such as gardening and recycling. Opportunities will be provided for children to collaborate to achieve shared goals through science experiments, puzzles and cooking.

Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

Support for the child’s wellbeing will be constantly maintained by staff, though respect and encouragement of children’s ideas and culture. Allowing children to pursue physical activity on a daily basis will occur through free play and organised sports activities.

Children are confident and involved learners

The maintenance of involved learning and confidence is of paramount importance to Fit Futures. This will be achieved through the provision of flexible activities conducted in diverse environments. Staff will encourage children to engage in a wide range of activities, whilst respecting the child’s preferences and interests.

Children are effective communicators

Staff will facilitate effective communication between children and allow children to collaborate and act on their own ideas. Children will be free to navigate their own play, and suggest activities and new materials to staff
Work With Us

Compliance with the National Law and Regulations

Our OOSH Centres comply with the Children (Education and Care) Services National Law (NSW) No 104a and the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 (NSW).

Not only do these laws assist our Centres to be safe, they also allow our programs to foster successful, competent and capable learners.

Our OOSH ‘Afternoon Tea’ menu complies with the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the Department of Education’s Healthy School Canteens Strategy.

A Typical Day at OOSH


Choose to participate in our sporting programs and clubs

Free Play

Free play with friends, read a book, or just relax


Catch up on homework

Afternoon Tea

Eat healthy and delicious meals and snacks


Enjoy excursions and incursions


Feel supported by qualified educators and staff